Welcome to the
Social Neuroscience Lab!

How are implicit prejudices formed? How do they influence our behavior? And how can we control them? These are questions we seek to answer in the Social Neuroscience Lab. In doing so, our work is illuminating basic mechanisms of social cognition, emotion, and self-regulation and their roles in guiding behavior.

Throughout this work, we take an integrative social neuroscience approach, combining theories and methods from social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and psychophysiology to best address our questions.

Our lab also provides opportunities for training and education in social neuroscience and intergroup relations. These include intensive graduate training, postdoctoral research, and research assistantships for undergraduate students, as well as  community outreach, including student group visits to our lab, collaborations with museums, schools, and local organizations, media contacts, and public lectures.

NEW: The Amodio Lab is hiring! We seek a full-time lab manager, to begin Sept. 1, 2018. Application review begins May 1. Read details about the position and submit your application by clicking HERE!