Welcome to the
Social Neuroscience Lab!

The Social Neuroscience Lab studies the psychological mechanisms of social cognition, emotion, and self-regulation. Our research integrates theories and methods from social psychology and neuroscience to understand how these processes guide behavior.

Our interests in social cognition, emotion, and self-regulation are broad, yet much of our research examines these topics in the context of intergroup bias. Stereotypes of and emotional responses to social groups can spring to mind automatically, even when they are not intended. Our goal is to understand how these automatic responses occur and how people may override them in order to respond without bias. We also study how social emotions, such as intergroup anxiety and guilt, affect self-regulation. 

Our lab provides several opportunities for training and education in social neuroscience and intergroup relations. These include intensive graduate training, postdoctoral research, and research assistantships for undergraduate students. Our program of community outreach includes student group visits to our lab, as well as presentations of our research at public events.

Please Note: Professor Amodio is currently at the University of Amsterdam, Department of Psychology