Lab Manager Position

We seek a full-time lab manager, to begin Sept. 1, 2018. Application review begins May 1. Read details about the position and submit your application by clicking HERE! 

Doctoral Research Opportunities

Dr. Amodio will be considering applications for new doctoral students in the social psychology program at NYU for Fall 2018. 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduates interested in pursuing research with the Social Neuroscience Lab may apply for volunteer research assistant positions. Research assistants work primarily with doctoral students in the laboratory, and contribute to various stages of the research process while gaining valuable research experience. Generally, no previous research experience is necessary. However, we typically require that research assistants have taken courses in Introductory Psychology and Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences.  To apply for an undergraduate RA position, please send your CV/resume to join.snlab@gmail.com.